Automation can't access network resources and printers

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When you create your solution in Automation builder, you can test the solution and everything works fine. But when you run your solution in Automation Manager, you get errors that files or network printers are not accessible.


Local System Account has limited privileges to access network resources, including network printers. Printing to network printers is not possible if you use a Local System Account in NiceLabel Automation Service.

To access your network resources and printers, change your Automation Service account:

  1. Press <Windows> key and type "Services" to open Services console.

  2. Navigate to NiceLabel Automation Service:

    • In V10: NiceLabel Automation Service 10

    • In V2019: NiceLabel Automation Service 2019

    • In V2017: NiceLabel Automation Service 2017

  3. Double click the service and go to Log on tab.

  4. Select the account with enough privileges to access network resources.



    If you create a new user account for NiceLabel Automation service, log in to Windows with this account at least once before you run Automation service.

    Disable the requirement to occasionally change password for this account.  This account must have permission to log on as service.

  5. Click OK.

Automation service now runs with a user account that has privileges to network resources.