Your NiceLabel Designer installation goes wrong and you don't know the reason.


You can create an installation log file. Our development team will check the log files and propose the solution.

To create log files, run the installation from Command Prompt (CMD):

  1. Open Command Prompt "as administrator".

  2. In Command Prompt navigate to NiceLabel installation file location.

  3. Add the string

    NiceLabel2019.exe /l /l="C:\Temp\InstallLog.txt" 

    Logfile will be created in C:\Temp\InstallLog.txt. You can change the file name and path.

  4. Press <Enter> to run the installation.

Installation logging creates two files:

  • C:\Temp\InstallLog.txt

  • lblinstall.log file in %temp% folder

Send both files to NiceLabel support.