Use GHS symbols in NiceLabel 10 and 2019


The clipart gallery with GHS symbols is no longer included with NiceLabel 10 and 2019.


The GHS symbols need a major update to be in line with regulatory compliance changes in recent years.

You can still use GHS Symbols:

  • If you upgrade from NiceLabel 2017, installation keeps the existing version of the GHS symbols on your system. You can find GHS symbols in the folder c:\Users\Public\Documents\NiceLabel 2017\Clipart\.

  • If you upgrade from V6, you can find GHS symbols in c:\Program Files (x86)\EuroPlus\NiceLabel 6\Clipart.

  • If you only have V10 or V2019, you can download and install NiceLabel Desktop Designer Pro 6.5.1. You don't need a license for V6 to use GHS symbols.


    If you already installed V10 or V2019, don't install V2017. V2017 will overwrite V2019. Install V6.5.1 instead.

  • If you download GHS symbols from the internet.


V2017 and V6 GHS symbols might be outdated, so use GHS symbols at your own risk.