Possible printer driver update issues

When you install a new driver, the installer also updates all other drivers from the same printer brand. The following issues prevent the installation of your new driver:

  • Another application locked your printer driver. See the topic about locked printer drivers to resolve the issue.

  • There are print jobs in the spooler waiting to be printed. Wait for the print jobs to be printed or delete print jobs from the Windows spooler.

Restarting your computer resolves most of the issues. After the restart, try again with the installation process. We recommend using PrnInst installation utility. These are the advantages of PrnInst method of installation:

  • PrnInst informs you about possible issues.

  • PrnInst helps you resolving problems, which might occur the driver update.

To verify that your printer drivers are updated, check the driver version in the About tab after the update. If the old version displays, restart Windows to finish the update process.