Removing one or more printer drivers

  1. Run PrnInst.exe.

  2. The welcome screen opens. Click Next.

  3. Select Uninstall Printer Drivers.

  4. Select printer drivers you want to remove.


    Enable Remove unused ports to remove your printer port after you uninstall your driver. Uninstalling your driver removes the printer port only if no other printer uses this port.


    Remove unused ports removes only Loftware Advanced Port Monitor ports. This option does not remove Standard TCP/IP, USB, LPT, and other ports.

  5. Click Next to finish the removal process and check the summary.


Removing preloaded printer drivers

You can remove one or more preloaded drivers at the same time.


The Remove Preloaded Drivers option only removes the driver installation files from the system. To uninstall your drivers, select the option Uninstall Printer Drivers.

  1. Start PrnInst and click Next.

  2. Select Remove Preloaded Drivers.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Select printers you want to remove, then click Next.