Windows Based Printer Driver Installation


Use this method only in special situations, where PrnInst is not acceptable.

You can install your Loftware printer driver using Windows tools. Installation is the same as with other Windows-based printer drivers.

Printer Driver Installation using Windows Tools


For this type of installation, your computer must be connected to the internet.

You can install your printer driver using Windows tools:

  • Plug and Play. Install your printer driver from Windows Update services.

  • Add a printer or scanner option in the Printers & scanners section in Windows Settings.

Use Windows Installer on computers that are connected to printers using:

  • USB port

  • Parallel port (LPT)

Plug and Play Driver Setup

During this procedure, Windows automatically detects your newly connected printer using a plug-and-play event on USB and LPT ports.

To install your Loftware printer driver:

  1. Connect your printer to a USB or LPT port on your computer.

  2. Turn on your printer.

  3. Your computer automatically locates the driver online and downloads the installation package to your computer. Automatic installation follows immediately.

Your printer is now ready for printing.


Automatic printer detection is supported on USB and LPT ports only. Use PrnInst to install your driver on other ports.

The Add a printer detection procedure differs between various operating systems.

The operating system automatically checks Windows Update and installs the driver.

Printer Driver Installation using Windows.png

The installation procedure differs if the printer driver is available on the Windows Update site or not. See the scenarios in the following two subsections.

Your printer driver is available on the Windows Update site

Your printer driver automatically downloads and installs. A system notification message displays when installation is complete. If you click the notification message, the new Driver Software Installation dialog displays. Monitor the installation status using this dialog:

Printer Driver Installation using Windows_2.png

Manual printer driver installation - your printer driver is unavailable on the Windows Update site

If your printer driver is unavailable on the Windows Update site, download the printer driver to your disk. Follow these steps to install your Loftware printer driver using the manual Windows Add a printer procedure.

  1. Connect your printer to your computer.

  2. Turn on your printer.

  3. Windows detects your printer.

  4. Windows Update automatically checks for the printer driver online and fails. Start with manual installation.


    The manual driver installation varies between various operating systems.

  5. Open Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Device Manager

  6. Expand node Other devices. Your installed printer is listed there.

  7. Right-click the printer and select Update Driver Software.

  8. At the prompt How do you want to search for driver software? select Browse my computer for driver software.

Preinstalling printer drivers

Use driver pre-installation process to:

  • Speed up your installation process without the Windows Update process.

  • Simplify the USB printer installation in cases when printer drivers are not available on the Windows Update site.

To preinstall your printer driver, use the PrnInst command line options. If your system detects a new device via plug and play event (on USB or parallel port), Windows automatically installs the preinstalled printer driver. It doesn't connect to Windows Update for the driver.


PrnInst.exe /PREINSTALL=<full path to INF file>