USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Content

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Data Contents group defines the input mode for the encoded data.

Input mode defines the structure of the encoded data.

  • Structured data: to ensure proper intelligent mail tracking, a string of numbers must be obtained. This string is referred to as the DataToEncode. The DataToEncode consists of the Intelligent Mail Data Fields.

  • Unstructured data: encoded data follows no predefined structure.

Intelligent Mail Data Fields group allows you to encode the barcode data in accordance with the standard.



Barcode Identifier

Specific two-digit identifier assigned by the Postal Service.

Service Type Identifier

Three-digit identifier defines the mail piece as full-service or basic (Non-automation) and is also used to determine the disposition of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail and the form of address correction that a mailer desires.

Mailer Identifier

Unique 6-or 9-digit number that identifies a business entity or customer.

Serial Number

A serial or sequence number which enables unique identification and tracking. Depending on the specific barcode construct, this field can vary in length from 5-10 digits.

Delivery Point ZIP Code

Routes the mail to its final delivery point (length variations: none, 5, 9, or 11 digits).