Fix slow behavior when formatting allergens for food ingredients


When you browse through the records in your solution for allergens, NiceLabel responds slowly. It takes a lot of time to switch between records. The delay increases with the number of records in your food database.

The problem occurs because NiceLabel loads the whole database every time you switch the record in your allergen solution.



This solution doesn't work if you use Store/Recall printing mode. For Store/Recall printing, use our standard solution from Formatting Allergens for Food Ingredients.

You can modify your existing allergen solution in NiceLabel Designer. The method is valid for all supported databases in allergen solutions.

The described procedure is based on our sample with an Excel database. You can find sample allergen solution if you open NiceLabel Designer and go to Help > Sample Files > Labels > Food > Food Allergens

  1. Connect your allergen table to the existing database connection. Go to Dynamic Data Manager, then double-click your database. Add your table, then click OK.

  2. Double-click allergen table in Databases section and go to Data Retrieving tab.

  3. Deselect Show record selection at print time.

  4. Select Collect records option and set comma character (,) as a Delimiter.

  5. Deselect Limit number of collected records.

  6. Double-click your allergen function.


    Function properties window opens.

  7. Edit your VBscript. Use FormatAllergens function name instead of your existing name like FormatAllergensFormatAllergensFromExcel. Change also the other syntax where you define your allergens:



If you use an allergen solution with exclusions, connect your solution also with the exclusions table.

Repeat steps 1-6 for your exclusions table. Change the syntax where you define your allergens and exclusions:



You won't see highlighted allergens in the Designer's preview. To see correct previews, go to File > Print.