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NiceLabel Cloud from Loftware is our cloud-based Label Management System.

Whether your business is small or large, you can use NiceLabel Cloud to manage and print your labels from anywhere with no IT infrastructure. You access NiceLabel Cloud Control Center from your browser whenever you need to manage and print labels. 

NiceLabel Cloud makes it easy for teams large and small to efficiently design new labels, stay up to date with changing laws, avoid product recalls and regulatory fines, and quickly scale your labeling operations.

You design, manage, and print your labels with one system. NiceLabel Cloud is a collection of tools to help your designers, quality assurance engineers, IT managers, and printing operators work together and make sure the correct data prints on the right label at the right time.

Central cloud management of your labeling system provides you lower costs, improved quality assurance, and faster time-to-market without significant hardware investments. You get secure, scalable, standardized labeling for your suppliers and your entire organization.

NiceLabel Cloud provides:

  • Reliable IT infrastructure

  • Advanced security measures

  • Thorough maintenance plans

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery processes

Stakeholders in your company, including IT managers, quality assurance managers, operations managers, and others receive benefits from the infrastructure, security, and reliability of NiceLabel Cloud.

For more information, visit or read about NiceLabel Control Center.

Introducing NiceLabel Cloud

This video introduces you to NiceLabel Cloud. You'll learn the benefits of cloud-hosted label management for businesses big and small, and see a label's journey through NiceLabel Cloud, including:

Activating NiceLabel Cloud

Learn how to activate NiceLabel Cloud, including:

  • Where to find NiceLabel Cloud activation information.

  • How to sign in to your NiceLabel Cloud account after you activate.

Adding users

In this video, you will learn:

Managing Access Roles and Permissions

Manage your Access Roles and permissions to secure NiceLabel Cloud. You will learn:

  • The relationship between Users, Access Roles, and permissions.

  • How to create new Access Roles with permissions.

  • How to assign Access Roles to your users.

Downloading and connecting software

You will learn:

  • How different NiceLabel Cloud software helps you work.

  • How to keep your software updated to the latest version.

  • How to connect your software to NiceLabel Cloud.

Printing your first label

NiceLabel Cloud helps you print your labels from anywhere. You will learn: