Session printing enables the printing of multiple labels using a single print job. If session printing is enabled, the printer receives, processes, and prints all labels in the print job at once. As a result, printing speed increases due to continuous process of bundled label printing.


Session printing serves as an alternative to the normally used non-session printing, during which each label is sent to a printer as a separate print job.


NiceLabel 10 activates session printing automatically based on the configuration of actions.

How does session printing start?

Session printing automatically starts if For Loop or For Every Record actions are present in the workflow. In such case, the nested Print Label action automatically enables session printing. This means that print actions for all items in the loop are included in a single print job.


How does session printing end?

Each session printing ends either with a finished loop or with Print Label action combined with at least one of the following conditions:

  • Printer changes. If you select another printer using the Set Printer action, session printing ends.

  • Printer port changes. If you redirect the print job to a file using the Redirect Printing to File action, session printing ends.

  • Label changes. If you select another label to be printed using Open Label action, session printing ends.

  • Custom command that ends session printing is sent. If you send SESSIONEND command using the Send Custom Command action, session printing ends.


    In this case, SESSIONEND must be sent as the only item in Send Custom Command action. If you would like to send additional commands, use separate Send Custom Command actions.


More complex configurations might have multiple loops nested within each other. In such case, session printing ends when the outermost parent loop exits.