Data sources are containers that provide content for label or form objects. Available data sources of NiceLabel Designer are listed and described in the table below:

Fixed data

Fixed content allows you to manually insert a value into an edit box using a keyboard. The inserted value remains unchanged on every printed label.

All standard Windows editing features are supported for inserting and editing the fixed content (cut, copy, paste, etc.). Special characters are accessible via arrow button on the right side of the edit fields or via context (right click) menu.


If a label or form object is connected to a variable, its current value is always displayed as the object's content. When the variable's value changes, the change reflects in the appearance of the selected object.

Create and manage multiple types of variables using the Designer's Dynamic Data Manager tool.


Functions process the existing data source values and store the result in function-generated data sources.

Designer offers multiple types of functions that allow you to transform the variable object content according to the current needs.


Various types of databases can be used as dynamic data source for label or form objects. Select a database from the list of defined database connections. When done, select the fields and use them as a data source for an object.