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The set of NiceLabel 10 features is constantly expanding. NiceLabel recommends you to always install and use the latest available version of NiceLabel 10. To achieve this, update your existing installed version with the latest one. New versions are regularly published and distributed.


When updating to the latest version, do not remove the existing version of NiceLabel 10 manually. The update process removes it automatically and seamlessly installs the latest version. Licensing data is retained and the application is ready to use.

Complete these steps to update your existing version of NiceLabel 10.

  1. Download the software package or insert the DVD into your DVD drive. Run NiceLabel10.exe. The installer verifies the installation package content.

    Installation Check.png
  2. Select installation language from the drop-down list and click OK.

    Setup Language Selection.png


    Language selection determines the interface language of the installed NiceLabel 10.

  3. NiceLabel 10 Update window appears. Click Next.

    Update window.png
  4. Installer automatically removes existing version.

  5. When done, the installer confirms that the latest version is successfully installed. Click Close and continue with your work.

    Setup done.png