Setup with NiceLabel Cloud subscription

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If you are planning to use the NiceLabel 10 as a part of NiceLabel Cloud, make sure you already have your NiceLabel Cloud account.

  1. Complete Introductory Setup Steps.

  2. Select the modules you wish to install.

    Module Selection.png
  3. Select how you are going to run Automation.

  4. Define installation path and decide if you want to share your usage data with NiceLabel or not. Anonymous usage data helps NiceLabel improve the applications and therefore increase your productivity.

    Installation Options.png
  5. Click Next. You are ready to start installing your NiceLabel 10.

  6. Click Install. The installation starts.

  7. When the installation completes, click Close.

  8. Run NiceLabel 10. The NiceLabel Cloud Sign-in window opens.

  9. Type your NiceLabel Cloud name and click Connect.

  10. Sign in to your NiceLabel Cloud using Microsoft or Google account. Use the account you already have for your NiceLabel Cloud.

    Label cloud signin Update.png
  11. Follow the on-screen instructions. Your NiceLabel 10 connects to the NiceLabel Cloud. You are ready to start designing labels and solutions.