Setup with license key or hardware key

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  1. Complete the Introductory setup steps.

  2. Enter your License key. Your license key is included in the email that was sent to you after completing the purchase or in the product package.

    The alternative is to select License is on a hardware key option. An additional way of distributing the license keys is sending them on USB drives.

    USB drive carries licensing information for your copy of NiceLabel 10. Plug the USB drive into your computer and click Next.


    Hardware key can only be used for single-user licenses. As a result, only Designer module is installed during a hardware key setup of NiceLabel 10.

    Enter License Key.png


    The Automation module is deselected by default if you install NiceLabel 10 using a hardware key.


    The previously entered license key determines which product levels run in trial mode and which without time limitations. It also defines which NiceLabel Designer product level (Express, Pro, or PowerForms) is available for use.

  3. Select the modules you wish to install.

    Module Selection.png
  4. Define installation path and decide if you want to share your usage data with NiceLabel or not. Anonymous usage data helps NiceLabel improve the applications and therefore increase your productivity.

    Installation Options.png
  5. Click Next to continue. You are ready to install NiceLabel 10.

  6. Click Install. The installation begins.

  7. Run NiceLabel 10. If your license is a Label Management System (LMS) license, the Connect to Control Center window opens. Use this window to connect to your Control Center.

    Example 1. Example


    The following options appear:

    • Click Activate Now to enter the License Activation Dialog and to activate your copy of software immediately (recommended).

    • Click the I Will Activate Later button under the Proceed Without Activation option. You will be allowed to use the software without limitations for 30 days. Step number 7 above describes the options if no activation takes place in 30 days.

      Activation after License.png


    Activation is required to work with the software without time limitations. It also enables NiceLabel company to provide you with customized support and help.

  8. After 30 days without activation, you will be prompted to activate your NiceLabel 10 license.

    Activate after License 30 Days.png

    Click Activate Your License to proceed to the License Activation Dialog.


If NiceLabel 10 has been installed with a predefined product level (a specific installer file has been used), product level selection is not required during the first start.