Control Center offers a detailed history log of all events in the printing system and a flexible sorting and filtering system, which assists you in finding the events that you're interested in. The events can either be displayed on a single list or split into the following categories:

  • Printing. Events and details related to print jobs.

  • Errors. NiceLabel applications printing errors.

  • System. Audit log with all Control Center activities.

  • Alerts. List of issued NiceLabel applications printing, Control Center, and licensing alerts. See also Email Alerts topic.

  • All Activities. Detailed print jobs events log.

To access your history logs, click the History tab in Control Center


In time, the size of logged data can reach several Gigabytes which starts to affect the performance of the Control Center. To avoid performance issues, you can archive your History logs if you go to Administration > Storage (Archiving?). See the instructions in Managing Storage and archiving History logs topic.