Printing the same label design on printers with different orientations or rotations.

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You have two different kinds of printers. Printer A prints landscape-oriented labels. Printer B prints portrait-oriented labels.

Label orientation is a label design property and for such printing, you use two label files with the same design, but different label properties which is inconvenient.


To avoid additional label design for printing both portrait and landscape orientations, you can print with Powerforms or Automation using only one label design.

To create a solution for printing both orientations:

  1. Add a new variable to your solution. For example, rotation.

  2. Set Initial value for your new variable. Enter XML data about your label settings.


    The syntax for XML content in your variable:


    x_dimension and y_dimension: Label width and height in Units of measure defined in Label Properties. For example, 100


    Orientation: Landscape/Portrait

    Rotated: True/False

    See the graphical explanation about orientation and rotation in Label Properties > Paper.



    You can add additional Label Settings XML options. See NiceLabel Automation user guide, section Sample Label settings XML.

  3. Open your PowerForms or Automation solution and add the action Set Print Parameter.


    In PowerForms create two separate Print buttons. Add Set Print Parameter action to the button where you want to print rotated labels.

  4. Expand Show advanced print parameters.

  5. Enable Data source in Label settings. Select your orientation/rotation variable.

  6. Click OK.

When you press the Print button with the Set Print Parameter action in PowerForms, or execute the action in Automation, your labels print with orientation/rotation different from your label design.