You receive the license key after purchasing the software from NiceLabel online store or from any of NiceLabel software distributors. To activate your copy of NiceLabel 10 , open the License activation dialog and use the received license key.


By activating your copy of NiceLabel 10, the software also becomes registered. Registration guarantees full customer support as defined in the product license agreement.

With any NiceLabel 10 product open, the License activation dialog window appears after clicking the Activate your License button in Designer or Automation Home tab ribbon > Trial group or in File tab > About.

License activation dialog

To activate and register your NiceLabel 10 license, complete the following steps:

  1. Activate the license activation dialog in File > About > Activate Your License. The dialog window contains the following edit fields:

    • License Key: Copy and paste the 25-digit key that you received after purchasing the software.


      After purchasing the Runtime license, you only activate this license type in NiceLabel Print. If you try to activate Runtime license in Designer or Automation, the license is not recognized as valid.

    • Name: Type your name. The name is used when addressing possible support issues and also used to identify the owner of label or solution design.

    • Company: Company name helps identify upgrade requests and possible support issues.

    • Country/region: Defines macro location of the company HQ or its office.

    • Email: User email used for support purposes or addressing possible issues.

    • Notify me about future software updates: Keeps you informed about the regular updates of NiceLabel 10 products.

    • Use the Activate offline link if your computer is offline.

    Activation Window.png

    Preloading the activation information

    To speed up the license activation process, you can preload your user information using command-line parameters or the product.config file.


    The procedures below are for experienced administrators only.

    To preload licensing user information using command-line:

    1. Open command prompt.

    2. Navigate to the folder where you keep the NiceLabel 10 installation file.

    3. Run command NiceLabel10.exe and add parameters for the activation information edit fields. Use syntax from the example below.

      Example 2. Example

      NiceLabel10.exe LICENSECODE=12345abcde12345abcde12345
      ACTIVATIONCOUNTRY=United States 

    To preload the user licensing information using your product.config file:

    1. Install a fresh copy of NiceLabel 10 on any of your computers. Make a copy of the NiceLabel 10 product.config file for editing. The file's default location is %PROGRAMDATA%\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 10.

    2. Edit the copy of the product.config file. The file has an XML structure. Add user licensing info items in the <Activation>...</Activation> node:

      • <LicenseKey>...</LicenseKey>

      • <Name>...</Name>

      • <Company>...</Company>

      • <Country>...</Country>

      • <Email...</Email>

      • <UpdatesNotification>...</UpdatesNotification>


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <Country>United States</Country>
    3. Store the product.config next to the NiceLabel 10 installation file. This can either be a folder on a computer, on a shared network drive, or on a USB drive. Use a location that makes your installations convenient.

    4. Run the installation file. During the license activation, the user information populates automatically.

  2. When done with entering the required information, click Activate Your License. The activated NiceLabel 10 product becomes fully functional in accordance with the provided license key.

Offline activation


Use this option when activating NiceLabel 10 on a computer without an Internet connection.

  1. Click the activate offline link. The activation dialog window expands.

    Activate Offline Link.png

    Now, it includes two additional fields – Registration Code and Activation Code.

    Offline Activation Barcode.png
    • Registration code generates the Activation code on the dedicated NiceLabel License Key Activation web page. This page is accessible in two ways:

      1. License Key Activation web page is accessible via barcode. Click the link in first paragraph to open a separate window with the code. Scan it using a mobile device with Internet connection and you will be directed to the web page using your mobile browser. Enter the received Activation code (see image below) in the matching field of NiceLabel 10 activation dialog.

      2. To access the License Key Activation web page on another computer with Internet access, click the link in the second paragraph. This action copies the License Key Activation web page link to the clipboard. Open this link on a computer with Internet connection.

      After the activation web page opens, the fields with information about your license are automatically populated.

      Key Number Activation Page.png

      Click Activate to generate the Activation Code.

      Use Activation Code on the computer without Internet access to activate the software.

      Key Number Activation Activation Code.png


      Do not close the license activation dialog while obtaining the Activation Code on another computer with Internet access. If you close it, you will have to repeat the procedure with a new Registration Code.

    • For a pure offline activation, call NiceLabel support. Activation code will be generated using the provided Registration Code.

  2. Copy and paste the received Activation Code and click Activate Your License to start using the activated copy of NiceLabel 10.