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When you try to activate NiceLabel Pro or PowerForms 10 license, the activation stops and reports an error with this title: “We cannot activate your single-user license”.



The single-user license allows you to print labels on an unlimited number of printers, but from a single computer.


You have already installed and activated NiceLabel 10 on one of your computers.


Deactivate the existing NiceLabel 10 installation on your first computer. This frees up your license and allows you to activate NiceLabel 10 on your second computer.


Save your work first. When you deactivate NiceLabel 10, you lose all unsaved changes.

To deactivate the installed NiceLabel 10 on your first computer:

  1. Open any of your installedNiceLabel 10 applications – Designer, Automation Builder, Automation Manager, or Print.

  2. Go to File > About.

  3. Look for the License key section. Copy and store your license key.

  4. Click Deactivate your license.


NiceLabel 10 closes. The first computer’s license is now deactivated.

To activate NiceLabel 10 on your second computer:

  1. Go to your second computer with installed NiceLabel 10 that runs in trial mode.

  2. Go to File > About.

  3. Click Activate your license.

  4. Type or paste in your license key and fill in your details.

  5. Click Activate. Your NiceLabel 10 is activated on your second computer.


Make sure you have a working internet connection while deactivating and activating NiceLabel 10.