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Use printer reservation for your mission critical printers. The reserved printers are always ready for printing. Adding other printers does not remove the reserved printers from the Licensed Printers list.


NiceLabel 10 automatically removes the unreserved idle printers from the Licensed Printers list after seven days.

To reserve or unreserve printers in NiceLabel Designer, Automation and Print:

  1. Go to File > Options > Licensed Printers. The Licensed Printers table opens.

  2. Enable or disable Reserved option for your printers.


To reserve or unreserve printers in Control Center:

  1. Go to Printers tab > Licensed Printers.

  2. Select your printers and click Reserve printers or Unreserve printers button.



You cannot immediately remove printers from your Licensed Printers list. You must not use that printer for seven days. After seven days, NiceLabel applications remove the printer from the list automatically.