NiceLabel licenses are perpetual for on-premise installations (NiceLabel Cloud products use subscription licensing models). There are two on-premise licensing options:

  1. Single-User. Your license allows you to run one instance of NiceLabel on a single computer. You can use an unlimited number of printers from this computer.

  2. Multi-User. Your license allows you to run an unlimited number of NiceLabel 10 instances on an unlimited number of computers if these computers can communicate with each other, and belong to the same domain.


    If you use Control Center 2019.2 or later license, your computers can belong to different domains as long as they can connect to your Control center.

    However, the number of printers you can use is limited by the number of “printer seats” that come with your license. All your computers use the same license key.

If your multi-user license regularly exceeds the number of print seats, you should purchase a license upgrade.