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License upgrade procedure does not require any software (re)installation procedures. Continue with the current version of NiceLabel 10 installed.

To upgrade an existing license, the following two keys are required:

  • 25-digit license key of the installed edition. You received this key after purchasing your copy of NiceLabel 10.

  • 25-digit software upgrade key. This key upgrades your current edition of NiceLabel 10.

After the upgrade, the "old" software key becomes deactivated.


NiceLabel 10 licenses (LMS) can also be centrally managed using NiceLabel Control Center. See the dedicated Control Center installation guide for details.

Upgrade Types

There are three types of upgrades available for NiceLabel 10. They are all described in the following sections:

  • Product edition upgrade: This type of upgrade expands the amount of product features and widens the possibilities of use.

  • Version Upgrade: If you are updating from the previous to the current major version (release), use this upgrade type.

  • Upgrade number of printers: The use of NiceLabel 10 products is licensed per connected printers. This type of upgrade expands the permitted number of printers to be used with the software.

License upgrade is normally done online. In cases when Internet access is not available, follow the offline upgrade steps in section Offline upgrade.

Product edition upgrade

When upgrading to a higher edition of NiceLabel 10 software, for example from Designer Express to Designer Pro, you keep the existing product installed on your computer. Installation and activation of the alternative edition is done on top of the existing one.

  1. Go to File (backstage) tab > About.

  2. Click Upgrade License. The upgrade license dialog window appears:

    • License Key: Field is automatically populated with the existing license key.

    • Upgrade Key: Enter the upgrade key.

    License Upgrade Dialog.png
  3. Click Upgrade License. Your copy of NiceLabel 10 product has been upgraded. See the new License in About > License Information.

Version upgrade

Due to constantly improving NiceLabel applications, we recommend that you upgrade your copy to the latest product version. Contact your NiceLabel reseller to receive the upgrade key.


When purchasing version upgrade, always give your NiceLabel reseller the license key of your current version.


If you are upgrading version and increasing the number of permitted printers at once, make sure you upgrade the version first. See the steps below. When done, continue upgrading the number of printers. See the procedure in section Upgraded Number of Printers).

There are two upgrade cases:

  • You can upgrade the existing installation on a single or multiple computers.

  • You can install NiceLabel 10 on a clean computer and use the upgrade key for activation.


When installing NiceLabel 10 on multiple computers, it is recommendable to make the installations uniform. NiceLabel 10 installer allows you to predefine language selection, directories, usage tracing, licensing information, and global variables. The procedure is available in the section Enforcing Configuration Options.

Upgrading the existing installation

If you have your existing installation(s) activated with a single-user or multi-user NiceLabel license, perform the upgrade using these steps:

  1. After receiving the Upgrade Key from your NiceLabel reseller, download and run the NiceLabel 10 installation file.

    Update to latest version.png

    Click Update. Installer removes your current version and installs the latest.


    Current user settings, files and activation information remain preserved during the upgrade.

  2. Click Close when the setup procedure ends.

  3. Run NiceLabel 10 . The NiceLabel 10 Activation window opens. The License Key field is already populated with your license key from the previous version. Copy and paste the Upgrade Key from the email you received from your NiceLabel reseller.

  4. Click Upgrade License. Now, the upgrade of your NiceLabel 10 is done. See the new License in About > License Information.

Installing and activating NiceLabel 10 with upgrade key

If you have a multi-user NiceLabel license, you might want to install and activate NiceLabel 10 on additional computers with the upgrade key.

  1. After receiving the Upgrade Key from your NiceLabel reseller, download and run the NiceLabel 10 installation file.

  2. Complete the Free Trial Setup.

  3. When done, go to File > About and click Activate your license. The NiceLabel 10 Activation window opens.

  4. Copy and paste your Upgrade Key to the License Key field.


    You must not paste your "old" license key in the License Key field. Please use the upgrade key for NiceLabel 10 .


    The NiceLabel 10 Activation fields adapt to the pasted upgrade key automatically. These fields display the licensing information that you used while activating your copy of previous version.

  5. Click Activate. Activation is complete. Click OK to restart NiceLabel 10 and start working.

Upgrade number of printers

This type of upgrade allows you to increase the permitted number of printers that are used for label printing. Complete the below-described steps.


The upgraded number of printers allows you to follow the pay-as-you-grow pricing model. Printing capacity needs to grow along with the growth in business – upgrade the license only when needed. Complete the procedure below to gain access to the additional number of permitted printers.

  1. Open any NiceLabel 10 product.

  2. Go to File (backstage) tab > About and click Upgrade License.

  3. NiceLabel 10 license activation dialog window opens.

    • License Key: The field is already populated with the currently used License Key.

    • Enter the purchased Upgrade Key.

    License Upgrade Dialog.png
  4. Click Upgrade license. The number of permitted printers has been expanded. See the new License in About > License Information.

Offline upgrade


Use this option when performing an upgrade on a computer without Internet connection.

  1. Go to File (backstage) tab > About.

  2. Click Upgrade License. The upgrade license dialog window appears. License Key field is automatically populated with current license key.

  3. Click the activate offline link. The activation dialog window expands.

    Upgrade Activation Offline Link.png

    Now, it includes additional two fields – Registration Code and Activation Code:

    Upgrade Activation Offline.png
    • Registration code: Automatically generated 25-digit code which identifies the purchased copy of the software. Use the registration code in two ways:

      • Registration code generates the Activation code at a dedicated license upgrade web page. To access the license upgrade web page on another computer with Internet access, click Copy the link. This action copies the link to license upgrade web page to clipboard. Open this link on a computer with Internet connection.

        When you open the license upgrade page, the fields with information about your license are automatically populated. Click Activate to generate the Activation Code.

        License Upgrade Page.png

        Use Activation Code on the computer without Internet access to activate the upgrade.

        License Upgrade Page Activation Code.png


        Do not close the license activation dialog while obtaining the Activation Code on another computer with Internet access. If you close it, you will have to repeat the procedure with a new Registration Code.

      • For a pure offline activation, call NiceLabel support. Activation code will be generated using the provided Registration Code.

  4. Click Upgrade license. The number of permitted print printers has been expanded. See the new License in About > License Information.