When you install NiceLabel 10, you can run it in trial mode, or activate your license. Only activated copies of NiceLabel 10 software allow you to work with all included modules without time limitations.

To activate your license, open NiceLabel 10. The NiceLabel 10 Activation window opens. Click Activate.


A new window opens with 3 activation options.


Select your activation type by clicking Activate under your option:

  • License Key. Read License key activation for detailed instructions.

  • Control Center. Type your Control Center URL or your Control Center server name,


    Activate your Control Center license by clicking Connect.


    Before you connect to Control Center, you can click Check connection to make sure you are able to access the webserver, Control Center, and your Documents.

  • NiceLabel Cloud. Type your NiceLabel Cloud name and click Connect to sign in with your Microsoft or Google account.


    Signing in to NiceLabel 10 for the first time activates your license.