There are two licensing models available for NiceLabel 10:

  1. Single-user license grants the end-user the right to use one instance of NiceLabel 10 on a single workstation. In this licensing model, the end-user is allowed to use an unlimited number of printers from the workstation with the activated copy of NiceLabel 10 license. Each workstation must be activated with its own unique license key. You must obtain as many license keys as necessary to cover the number of your workstations.


    Sigle user license is available with the following NiceLabel 10 modules: Designer Express, Designer Pro, Designer Pro, and Print.

  2. Multi-user license allows installation and usage of unlimited instances of NiceLabel 10 on an unlimited number of workstations. In this licensing model, the number of printer seats is limited. The end-users are allowed to use as many printers as purchased with the respective NiceLabel product.


Details about NiceLabel 10 licensing are available in a dedicated document.