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Domain/workgroup/port 6772 requirements do not apply when you use Control Center licensing activations introduced in 2019.2. With Control Center activations, your workstations only need to connect to your Control Center URL.

When you use NiceLabel Pro or PowerForms multi-user license, we require that all instances of your multi-user license belong to the same Domain or Workgroup.


If you use Control Center 2019.2 or later license, your computers can belong to different domains as long as they can connect to your Control center.

If you must have separate Domains, you can only use the same multi-user license if you first establish 2-way trust between your Domains.

NiceLabel applications use a proxy service to communicate the multi-user licensing information:

  • Computers with NiceLabel Designer, NiceLabel Print, and NiceLabel Automation use NiceLabel Proxy Service on each workstation. Open port 6772 TCP/UDP for inbound communications.

  • Computers with NiceLabel Control Center use the NiceLabelEPMProxyService and port 6773 TCP/UDP for inbound communications.

Computers with both Designer and Control Center installed use both NiceLabel Proxy Service and NiceLabelEPMProxyService allowing incoming traffic on ports 6772 and 6773 TCP/UDP.