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A multi-user license allows you to use the purchased quota of printer seats. If you exceed this number, NiceLabel 10 activates a 30-day grace period. The grace period allows you to continue printing with double your license seats, when you temporarily exceed your license allowance.


The following topics explain how NiceLabel 10 counts your printers:

In some cases the same printer might take two or more printer seats:

  • You unplug your USB printer and plug it in another USB port. This counts as a new port and takes one more printer seat.

  • You change your port from USB to network, LPT, COM, or some other port.

  • You install a printer driver from another software manufacturer. In some cases (if you use a very old printer driver) even a driver upgrade can take another printer seat. If your new driver uses a different printer name, NiceLabel 10 detects it as a new printer.

The Licensed Printers list purges unused printers after 7 days. This reduces the number of active printers and frees up license seats. You can still print your labels if you exceed the number of licensed printers, but NiceLabel 10 shows a warning message.


You can't manually delete your printers from the list. Printers are automatically removed from the list if you don't use them for 7 days.

To see the list of used printers, open NiceLabel Designer and go to File > Options > Licensed Printers.

You can also reserve your printers to ensure uninterrupted use in the future. Go to File > Options > Licensed Printers and tick the checkboxes in the Reserved column.

Reserved printers stay on the list even after you don't use them for 7 days. You can always unreserve them in File > Options > Licensed Printers and deselect the checkboxes in the Reserved column.

After the grace period, if the printer usage list contains more printers than license seats, the number of available printers automatically reduces to match the license quota. Active printer seats remain only for the most recently used printers.

If you want to use more printers, upgrade your license. Our sales department can provide you with an upgrade license or with a temporary license that you can use until your printers are removed from the list.