Installing Web Client for the logged-on user (Default Option)

By default, Web Client installs on the computer for the currently logged-on user. This is the most common installation method that does not require administrator privileges.

  1. Run Web Client installation file on a client computer.

  2. Select installation language. Click OK.

  3. Start Installation window appears. Click Install.

  4. Click Close after the setup is done.


    After completing the installation, you can find the installed Web Client in Users\AppData folder.

  5. Open a web browser on your client computer and enter the address: http://yourControlCenter/powerformsweb.

  6. Log in to your Web Printing application. The web page enables you to launch your printing solution.


    You must launch your printing solution from your web browser only for the first time. The next time you can run your printing solution by double-clicking your Web Client icon.

Installing Web Client for all users

You can also install the Web Client for all users that log on to the computer. This installation method requires administrator privileges.


This installation method is useful when using Citrix servers. Installation for all users allows you to install the Web Client only once, and publish it to all users.

  1. Open Command Prompt.

  2. Navigate to the downloaded Web Client installation file NiceLabelWebClientSetup.exe on your system.

  3. Run command NiceLabelWebClientSetup.exe ALLUSERSINSTALL.

After the installation for all users, you can find the installed Web Client in ProgramData folder.