You can install Control Center databases (NiceAN) on your local server, or install cloud databases. To install a cloud database, select it from the Database type drop-down menu on our Database Setup Tool during installation:

  • Microsoft SQL Server is your locally installed (on-premises) Control Center database. Select this option to run your NiceAN database, Control Center, and its database locally.


    You can use Windows or SQL authentication to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server database.

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database is the database you install in your company's own Microsoft Azure cloud. Select this option to run Control Center locally and run its database on your Azure cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is the database you install on your SQL server that runs on a virtual machine in Azure cloud.

  • Amazon RDS is the database you run in your Amazon cloud.


    You can use SQL authentication for all three cloud-based database types.


NiceLabel installs and maintains your database for you when you use Control Center databases in the NiceLabel Azure cloud (within the domain).