Design stylized barcodes and 2D codes


Stylized barcodes are barcodes with patterns cut out from the bars. Using patterns on your barcode surfaces degrade the readability of symbols. Make note of the size of the overlaying pattern you put over your barcodes.

The patterns have a lesser impact on 2D barcode readability because 2D barcodes have increased data redundancy. For example, you can "damage" up to 30% of the 2D code surface and still get a good reading.


NiceLabel has no direct support for stylized barcodes, but you can use a workaround.


To create such a stylized barcode, do the following:

  • Use a transparent image (vector, GIF, PNG) of the pattern that you want to cut out from your barcode. Use a third-party graphics program.

  • Use white color for the pattern that cuts out your barcode.

  • Use transparency (no fill color) for patterns that do not cut through your barcode.

  • In NiceLabel Designer, place the image over your barcode object. If necessary, use the option To Front.

  • Make sure your barcodes print as graphics, not as printer internal objects (see barcode Properties > General > Always print as graphics.

  • Enable the option Combine non-printer elements into one graphic when sent to printer in Label Properties > Printing.