Optimize label design


To achieve a fast label printout make sure you send the minimum amount of data to the printer.


Use the following optimizations where possible:

  • Use NiceLabel drivers

  • Use internal printer fonts. If you must use TrueType fonts, download them to printer memory.

  • Use internal printer counters.

  • In Label Properties > Printer tab enable:

  1. Optimize printing of identical labels

  2. Combine non-printer elements into one graphic when sent to printer

  • Use "session print". In this mode, you do not print the labels individually but send all data to the printer in a single print stream, and then execute printing.

  • If you do not achieve adequate label printing speed with steps 1 and 2, download your label file into your printer memory (for supported printers):

    1. Design label in NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

    2. In Label Properties > Printer tab enable Use store/recall printing mode.

    3. Go to File > Store > Store to printer. You can also define your Store variant.

More information:

  • Programming Manuals for your thermal printer