Identifying Document Management System in a multi-tier landscape

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An increasing number of labeling operations needs a multi-tier configuration model as the most efficient way to stage and deploy the labeling-related files. The multi-tier approach removes all of the risks identified in the case of a single system landscape, where a single server is used for development, testing, and production.

In such a landscape model, Development and Quality Assurance/Testing create and test the new labeling solutions before the adaptation in a Production environment. Usually, a three-tier landscape is adopted, where the same environment merges roles of Development and Quality Assurance. Each environment requires a dedicated installation of the Control Center product.


When working in a multi-tiered landscape, you can configure custom names for each landscape. This way you identify to which landscape the current Document Storage belongs.

To define your custom landscape names:

  1. Open the application SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Connect to the SQL Server hosting the database of a Control Center.

  3. Expand the tree-view to reach Databases > <selected database (default name is NiceAN)> >Tables > nan.Setting.

  4. Right-click the table nan.Setting and select Edit top 200 Rows.

  5. Add a new record.

  6. For the field Setting, enter the value "InstanceName".

  7. For the field Value, enter the custom name for the current landscape.

The custom landscape name displays on top of the Control Center window.