Error Installing Control Center - The User Owns Objects in the Database and Cannot be Dropped


When you try to install Control Center, you might see the error message:

The user owns objects in the database and cannot be dropped


  • You already installed Control Center.

  • It is not clear if you removed the old Control Center (and kept the database), or if you made an upgrade.

  • When Control Center tries to install the database to the SQL server, the task fails.

  • The installer fails at a point when the scripts inside SQL are executing.

  • The error happens when scripts try to remove the EPM_USER or EPM_DBADMIN user while the username is still connected to the database.

  • The user is being deleted during the database creation (not during the upgrade), while the SQL database still contains some data from the previously installed Control Center.


Use the following two SQL statements to find out what the Control Center users still present in the database, then remove those objects:

select * from sysobjects where uid = suser_id('SQLSERVER\EPM_DBADMIN')
select * from sysobjects where uid = suser_id('SQLSERVER\EPM_USER')

Replace SQLSERVER with the actual name of the SQL server.