Choosing NiceLabel Trial Editions


After you download and install NiceLabel Designer, you can test different editions and features so you can decide which license is best for you. The installation enables you 30 days to try different editions of NiceLabel Designer.

  1. When you run NiceLabel Designer for the first time, a pop-up window appears. You can run Designer in trial mode or activate your license key.

  2. Click Start Trial to select an edition of Designer to test in trial mode.



    Some functionalities from PowerForms are not available in the Pro edition. Some functionalities from Pro are not available in Express. Be careful which edition you test if you wish to use labels or solutions you create during your trial period with your licensed version later. Your labels or solutions may not open in Express or Pro.

  3. Designer starts. Design your first labels or solutions.

  4. Save your work and close Designer.

  5. When you run Designer again, a pop-up window appears. You can continue running Designer in trial mode or activate your license key.

  6. Designer remembers the trial edition you choose (for example, Designer Pro). When you open Designer, you are no longer prompted to choose a trial edition.

  7. To change your trial edition, go to File > About > Change product level.



    You can also switch edition in Home tab > Try Other Editions



You can change your NiceLabel trial edition at any time. When you change editions, Designer prompts you to save your label or solution files, and then restarts. Contact your NiceLabel sales representative or partner for help choosing editions or purchasing licenses.