Installing NiceLabel Control Center database to a remote SQL Server or SQL Server in the clustered system


When you install NiceLabel Control Center in the environment with two separate servers (Web server IIS is on one computer, SQL server is on another computer), the installation might fail when you install the database to SQL server. The installer cannot set up a database on the remote SQL server because of insufficient access permissions and/or strict security policy settings on the target computer.

When the Control Center installer detects you intend to install the database on a remote SQL server and the credentials of the current user are not sufficient to perform the database installation on that SQL server, the installer prompts you for the username/password of the user with administrative access to the remote SQL server. The user must have the sysadmin server role defined on the SQL server.


Advanced Installation Utilities allows you to make a database install on a remote SQL separately from the main Control Center installation. Once the Control Center database has been installed with this add-on, you can start the Control Center installation again, but this time provide it with the custom configuration (result of the add-on utility) file that lets the Control Center installer know where the database is installed and how to access it.

The Control Center installer will skip the database installation step and configure the software to use a pre-installed database.

For details, see NiceLabel Control Center Installation Guide.