Automatically notify Automation Service of newly installed network printer driver


When the new local printer driver is installed in Windows system, Automation Service is notified about it. The Automation Service can start using the printer driver immediately without the need for a restart. The Automation Service only needs permissions to access the printer driver.

When you install the new network-shared printer driver, the Automation Service might not be informed about it. In this case, you cannot print labels to this printer immediately.



Restart the Automation Service. This forces the Service to re-scan the system for new printer drivers. Note that restarting the Service during the processing is an abrupt operation. Restarting cancels the existing print processes and emptys the trigger queue lists.


Disable Windows Firewall for the duration of the printer install procedure. When the network printer drivers are installed, re-enable the Firewall.


The Windows system can be configured to notify applications of newly added network printer drivers. In this case, you don't need to restart the Automation Service, but you have to configure your Windows firewall to allow a specific inbound connection. Use this option if you frequently add new network printer drivers.

To enable automatic notifications of new network printers, do the following:

  1. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

  2. Expand Inbound Rules.

  3. Locate the rule File and Printer Sharing (LLMNR-UDP-In).

    LLMNR stands for Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution. For more information refer to the RFC4795 memo (

    You can achieve the same by enabling the rule Network Discovery (LLMNR-UDP-In).

  4. Enable the rule.


If you have already tried to use the network printer in one of the triggers before you installed the driver, the error about the missing printer driver is displayed in the log. This trigger remains in the error state and does not use the new printer driver, even after you installed it. In this case, the only solution is to restart the Automation Service.