Printer usage and your license


How does your license affect printer usage?

For 10.4 and older releases

NiceLabel on-premises licenses are perpetual for on-premise installations. There are two licensing options:

  1. Single-user. Your license allows you to run one instance of NiceLabel on a single computer. You can use an unlimited number of printers from this computer.

  2. Multi-user. Your license allows you to run an unlimited number of NiceLabel instances on an unlimited number of computers if these computers can communicate with each other and belong to the same domain. The number of printers you can use is limited by the number of “print seats” that come with your license. All your computers use the same license key.

If your multi-user license regularly exceeds the number of print seats, you should purchase a license upgrade.

For licensing details, read Licensing and Activating NiceLabel.

For 10.5 and newer releases

NiceLabel uses printer-seat-based licensing. That means printer seats determine how many printers you can print to at a time.

For a subscription overview, go to your License Center.

Printer-seat based licensing

Multiuser licenses allow you to install NiceLabel software on an unlimited number of computers. However, your license allows a limited number of printer seats. Make sure to purchase enough printer seats so enough printers are available for your print jobs.

If you exceed the number of printer seats, you get a warning on your screen and enter a "grace period" of 30 days. Your printers still print during the grace period.


See our YouTube video:

Counting licensed printers

All NiceLabel multi-user applications track the number of printers you use in your Licensed Printers list. If nobody uses a printer for seven days , NiceLabel automatically removes this printer from your list. This frees up a print seat for another printer.


To ensure uninterrupted sharing of your multi-user licensing information, NiceLabel requires opening ports 6772 and 6773 on your computer. When you start a NiceLabel application, the NiceLabel Proxy Service 10 sends broadcast packets to these two ports and receives replies from all other NiceLabel applications in your labeling environment.

A printer counts as a single printer when:

  • Multiple computers use the same shared network printer’s IP address.

  • Another computer also shares and uses a locally connected printer.

Printer model names are hard-coded in your printer driver. You cannot change model names, but you can edit your Printer Names.


If you access your printer from more than one local port, this counts as multiple printers. If you switch from one local port to another (for example, from LPT1 to USB) and print, this counts as multiple printers.

Counting printers in Web Printing

You can use Web Printing to share your labels or solutions with external partners outside your LMS environment. NiceLabel includes these printers in your Licensed Printers list. Each used printer takes one printer seat.

Reserving printer seats

Use printer reservation for your mission-critical printers. Reserved printers are always ready for printing. Adding other printers does not remove reserved printers from your Licensed Printers list.

NiceLabel automatically removes unreserved idle printers from your Licensed Printers list after seven days .

To reserve or unreserve printers in NiceLabel Desktop Designer, Automation, and Print:

  1. Go to File > Options > Licensed Printers. The Licensed Printers table opens.

  2. Check/uncheck Reserved for your printers.


To reserve or unreserve printers in Control Center:

  1. Go to Printers > Licensed Printers. The Licensed Printers table opens.

  2. Select your printers and click Reserve printers or Unreserve printers.


You cannot manually remove printers from your Licensed Printers list. NiceLabel removes unused printers from the list after seven days .

Using too many printers

A multi-user license allows you to use your purchased quota of printer seats. If you exceed this number, NiceLabel activates a 30-day grace period, and a warning message appears (which doesn't affect your printing). The grace period allows you to continue printing with double your printer seats, even when you temporarily exceed your license allowance.

The NiceLabel list purges unused printers after seven days . This reduces the number of active printers and frees up printer seats.

After the grace period, if your printer usage list contains more printers than printer seats, the number of available printers automatically reduces to match your license quota. Active printer seats remain only for your most recently used printers.

Upgrade your license to use more printers, or wait until your unused printers automatically disappear from your Licensed Printers list after seven days .

For more information, read Using too many printers.

Domains and NiceLabel licenses

When you host NiceLabel LMS on-premises on your own equipment, we require all instances of your multi-user license to belong to the same domain or workgroup.

If you need separate domains, you can only use the same multi-user license if you first establish a two-way trust relationship between your domains.

NiceLabel applications use a proxy service to communicate multi-user licensing information:

  • Computers with NiceLabel Desktop Designer, NiceLabel Print, and NiceLabel Automation use NiceLabel Proxy Service 10 on each computer. Open port 6772 TCP/UDP for inbound communications.

  • Computers with NiceLabel Control Center use the NiceLabelEPMProxyService and port 6773 TCP/UDP for inbound communications.

  • Computers with both Desktop Designer and Control Center installed use both NiceLabel Proxy Service 10 and NiceLabelEPMProxyService allowing incoming traffic on ports 6772 and 6773 TCP/UDP.