Unlocking the locked out users in the Control Center V2017

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By default, with no user management enabled each user is the administrator and has full access to all functionalities.

If you enable user login, you can accidentally lock yourself out of the administrative user group. You might not be able to use the NiceLabel software or you have limited permissions in Control Center.


You can disable the user authentication for your NiceLabel software. The following steps require that you have the administrative permissions on the Control Center MS SQL server.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the MS SQL Server with Control Center database. Log in with the user that has administrative permissions to this MS SQL server.

  2. Navigate to: Databases > NiceAN > Tables.

  3. Navigate to the table nan.AuthenticationSettings.

  4. Right-click the table and select Open Table.

    There is one record in the table.

  5. Change the value for the AuthenticationMode field to 1.

    Make sure the change in the field is stored. Move the selection out of the selected record.

  6. Close SQL Server Management Studio.

When you disable the authentication for NiceLabel software, each user becomes an administrator in the Control Center, so you can correct the authentication settings and user permissions to normal levels.

Do not forget to re-enable the user authentication in the Control Center Configuration.

Authentication mode can have the following values:

  • No authentication

  • Windows authentication

  • Application authentication

  • Mixed (Windows and Application authentication)


Control Center cannot use mixed authentication. If you select mixed mode, Control Center falls back to Windows authentication.