Use alphanumeric counters


Counters are usually numeric, but you want to define your counters that use different numeral systems.


For example, you want to use the counter in the Base 36 numeral system.

NiceLabel does not support Base 36 by default, but you can define it in your counter properties.

Use Arabic numerals 0-9 and the Latin letters A-Z.

  • In NiceLabel Desktop Designer, go to Variables > Add new variable and select Counter.

  • Double-click your Counter variable to open the Counter properties window.

  • Go to the Input rules tab.

  • In the Allowed characters drop-down menu, select Alphanumeric.

  • In the Check range section, enable checkboxes for Minimum value and Maximum value.

  • Enter 1 in the Minimum value edit field and Z in the Maximum value edit field.

  • In the Rollover settings section, enable Using min/max value checkbox.

  • Click OK.

Your counter will count 1, 2, 3,...9, A, B, C,...X, Y, Z,1,2,3,...