NiceLabel Install Command-Line Switches


NiceLabel installs using the InstallAware. This allows you to use some command-line switches that control the functionalities of your installations.

For example, you can use the switches for the silent install. In this case, the installation runs in the background, and no dialog boxes are displayed. You can also enable logging of the installation process.


NiceLabel 10 Command-Line Switches


  • For NiceLabel 2019, rename executables from NiceLabel10*.exe into NiceLabel2019.exe.

  • For NiceLabel 2017, rename executables from NiceLabel10*.exe into NiceLabel2017.exe.

  • Silent install

    The installation executes in the background without any dialog box displayed and with default settings.

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe /s
  • Silent uninstall

    The uninstall executes in the background.

  • Logging the installation process

    To enable logging of .MSI installer, add the name of the log file after the /l parameter.

    To enable NiceLabel's internal logging, create an empty file with the name lblinstall.log in %temp% folder of the user, who performs the installation. This type of logging also works for Web Client.

    You can enable both logs.

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe /l="C:\InstallLog.txt"
NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe /l
NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe /l /l="C:\InstallLog.txt"
  • Install location

    The target folder, where NiceLabel will be installed into.

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe TARGETDIR="c:\MyFolder"
  • Install desktop icons

    Switch that controls the appearance of the desktop icons.

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe ICONDESKTOP=FALSE
  • Installation of specific modules

    You can choose to install the Desktop Designer module, Print (Runtime) module, and Automation module.

  • Note: if you disable Print (Runtime) module, you must also disable Desktop Designer module.

  • Define your license key

    When you provide the license key in the command line, NiceLabel doesn't prompt you during installation. The license key also determines the modules for installation. For example, installing Designer Pro doesn't install the Automation module (as it is not available in the Designer Pro product).

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe LICENSECODE=12345abcde12345abcde12345
  • Running Automation Service under a user account

    You can provide the user name of the system under which the Automation service will run.

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe SERVICEUSER=domain\username SERVICEPASSWORD=password
  • Running Automation Sevice under the Local System account

    Note: To have access to network shared resources, it is best practice to run Automation Service under real user account.

  • The language selected for user interface strings in installer and application.

    The available languages are Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.

NiceLabel10_PowerForms.exe "LANGUAGE=Chinese (PRC)"
NiceLabelWebClientSetup.exe LANGUAGE=French
  • Changing product suffixes to the installer file name.

    You can add other suffixes to configure the installation process.

    You can add the ID of the product: "_Express" or "_Pro" to install modules belonging to the specific product. For example, you want to install the Desktop Designer and Runtime modules, but not the Automation.

  • Adding partner's UID number in the installer file name.

    Digital marketing and OEM distributions use UID numbers to include the partner's logo in NiceLabel products.

    You can combine UID with other suffixes in the file name, but UID must be the last parameter in form of "_99999". Write UID as 5-digit number.


Control Center Command-Line Switches

Use the following Control Center switches for silent installation:

  • Skip checking of IIS prerequisites.

    If you are sure all required IIS features are available in IIS, you can use this switch to disable checking:

NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe SKIPREQUIREMENTS
  • Choose database server.

NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe SELECTEDSERVER=serverName\instanceName
  • Choose database name.

    The default database name is NiceAn.

NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe DATABASENAME=NiceAN
  • Change WebDAV settings.

    The default Web site name is EPMWebDav.

    The default port number is 8080.

NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe WEBDAVSITENAME=siteName WEBDAVSITEPORT=portNumber
  • Change archiving setting.

    The default setting of old print history records is for monthly archiving.

  • Choosing the user name and password for the SQL admin user that can create Control Center's database on MS SQL server destination.

    You can use an SQL user account or you can use a Windows user account.

NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe SQLUSER=sq SQLPASSWORD=password
NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe NETDOMAIN=domainName NETUSERNAME=userName NETPASSWORD=password
  • Choosing custom Windows and .NET folder.

    Usually, you do not need to change these settings.

NiceLabelControlCenter10.exe WINDIR=c:\Windows DOTNETFOLDER=C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 DOTNETFOLDERX64=C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319

Web Printing Site Command-Line Switches

The following command-line switches are available:

  • SELECTEDSERVER: The MS SQL server where Control Center database is installed.

  • DATABASENAME: The name of the Control Center database (default: NiceAn)

  • SQLUSER: The MS SQL user account to connect to the database

  • SQLPASSWORD: The password for the MS SQL user

NiceLabelWebPrinting10.exe SELECTEDSERVER=server\sqlexpress DATABASENAME=NiceAN SQLUSER=sa SQLPASSWORD=password

Web Printing Client Command-Line Switches

The following command-line switches are available:

  • ALLUSERSINSTALL: Web Client installs for all users on the computer. For example, you need this switch for the Citrix environment, where you publish the Web Client for all users.

  • TARGETDIR: The folder name, where your files install (optional).

NiceLabelWebClientSetup.exe ALLUSERSINSTALL TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files\NiceLabel Web Client"