Supervised Printing


You can enable supervised printing when you want to be sure the labels print in the correct order, or be notified about the label printing and/or printer status.

NiceLabel Automation is a multi-threaded application for all incoming trigger events. As soon as the trigger event happens, Automation processes the data sends print jobs to the internal queue list The first available print engine then processes the print job. This provides the greatest printing speed, but the main constraint is the feedback from the print engine, which cannot be relayed back to the original data provider.


You can see all printing events in the Automation log pane, but if you want to be aware of printing errors from within the application providing data for label printing, use Synchronous Print Mode in Automation which provides you with:

  • Automation processing errors

  • Print engine processing errors

In the case of synchronized printing, Automation maintains a constant connection to the print engine and can provide the error messages back to the application triggering actions.