Speeding up printing to network shared printer


When printing to a printer that is connected to a remote computer in your LAN, delayed printing can occur. It can take a very long time from starting a print job on your computer to the label actually leaving the printer. The network is usually not the problem in this case. You probably use the wrong method of using network shared printers.

You can use the printer driver directly from the computer that is sharing the printer. This method is the most intuitive one as Windows automatically installs the drivers from a remote computer when you double-click the network-shared printer. Unfortunately, it is also the slowest method.


You can speed up your network printing by installing the printer driver for the network-shared printer on your computer.

Do the following:

  1. Install the driver locally on a parallel port (LPT). Open Printers and Scanners from Settings on the Start Menu and click Add a printer or scanner.

  2. When the printer driver has successfully installed, go to Manage > Printer properties > Port tab

  3. Click the Add Port button, select Local port, and type in the network path to the printer (i.e. \\server_name\shared_printer_name).

The same procedure can be used for real network printers, connected directly to your LAN, that are not shared on a remote computer but have their own network interface.