NiceLabel does not start because of insufficient user rights

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When you start NiceLabel software for the first time, NiceLabel splash screen immediately disappears and nothing happens.



Set full access permissions to the ProgramData\ folder for the user running NiceLabel. Contact your system administrator, if you are unable to change the access permissions.

Follow these steps to change the access permissions:

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer).

  2. Go to View tab and enable the option Hidden items.

  3. Browse to the following folder:



    enter the address line:


  4. Right-click the NiceLabel folder and select Properties from the menu.

  5. Go to Security tab and click Edit.

  6. Click the Add button.

  7. Enter your username, then click OK.

  8. Select the username you have just added to the list.

  9. Enable the option Full Control, then click OK.

NiceLabel should now start fine.


Some installation files might be corrupted so NiceLabel cannot access them.

Reinstall NiceLabel software.