Changing Document Storage Port 8080

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Document Storage is a document repository in Control Center. It allows you to store labels, forms, graphics, and other files. The latest revision of the files is always available to all connected NiceLabel users.

Document Storage is based on WebDAV technology and is installed as an additional Web site in the IIS server (on the same computer where you have installed Control Center). The name of the Web site is EPMWebDav and it accepts incoming connections on port 8080 by default.

When you install NiceLabel Control Center, some other application might already use the TCP port 8080. If you install Document Storage using the same port, both applications will fail to run.


Check the availability of port 8080 before you initiate Control Center installation:

  1. Open Command Prompt (CMD)

  2. Type netstat –an and press Enter.

  3. The list of open ports displays.

  4. If port 8080 is in use, you see it displayed as or or <your_ip_here >:8080

If port 8080 is in use, change some other available port during the Control Center installation.

If your Control Center is already installed, but you want to change the Document Storage port, do the following:

Changing the port on the server: Part 1

  1. Run IIS Manager: (Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager)

  2. Expand folder <server_name> (local computer).

  3. Expand folder Web Sites.

  4. Right-click the Web site EPMWebDAV. Select Properties.

  5. Go to the Web Site tab.

  6. Change the TCP port from 8080 to your desired port.

  7. Restart the Web site.

    Right-click the Web Site EPMWebDAV and select Stop. Right-click the Web Site EPMWebDAV and select Start.


Changing the port on the server: Part 2

  1. Run SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Connect to the SQL server hosting the Control Center database. Note: the Control Center database might be installed on some other computer, not the one where the Control Center Web site software is installed.

  3. Expand Databases, then NiceAN, then Tables.

  4. Open the table nan.Settings.

  5. Locate the record with the value WebDavPort in the Setting field.

  6. Change the port 8080 to your desired port.

  7. Close the SQL Server Management Studio.