NiceLabel Automation Compatibility with NiceLabel Designers V6 and NiceWatch V5


NiceLabel Automation is built upon the new-generation core and doesn't support the entire set of features from the previous generation software, such as NiceWatch. You can import most of the existing NiceWatch configurations to NiceLabel Automation. But some of the old features are not supported.

There are some label design features that you can use inside label designer, but you can't use them in NiceLabel Automation. When you try to print a label with incompatible features, NiceLabel Automation displays a warning. You have to remove the unsupported functionalities from your label templates.

Below is the list of unsupported functionality compared to NiceWatch and NiceLabel Designers V6.

Unsupported NiceWatch features

  • E-mail trigger

  • HL7 support

  • Send XML to SAP action (The same functionality is available with the action HTTP Request)

  • Close label action

Unsupported label design features

  • Bar codes: Royal Mail, Australia Post 4-state, USPS Intelligent mail, Code128 Pharmacy, Kix, Pharmacode, all Postnet barcodes.

  • 2D Codes: 2D Pharmacode, Codablock F, GridMatrix, DotCode

  • Functions: User-defined check-digit algorithms, Currency exchange, Lookup table, PIATS Code.

  • Objects: Curved text, OLE object

  • Object formatting: »Stacked text« for Text object, Boundaries (cut out areas/trapeze text) for Text Box object, "Characters spacing" for Text object, the option "Use the same size for all text boxes with enabled 'Best fit' option" for Text Box object.

  • Label formatting: Multiband printing, Smart replacement of printer fonts (use Automatic font replacement option instead), Stocks (the option »Label is linked to stock«), Rounded label corners in label preview inside Automation Builder, Object „label“ not exposed in VBScript.

  • Variables: remember the last used value.

  • NiceCommands: EXPORTLABEL

  • Device internal fonts when you use printer drivers other than NiceLabel printer drivers.

Other Unsupported Features

  • Downloading fonts to printer memory.

  • Automation uses IronPython, which is .NET implementation of Python language. IronPython doesn't support Python C Extension Modules (.PYD extension). In most cases, you can use .NET libraries instead.

  • To use desktop Python modules, install Python on your computer. IronPython is based on Python 2.7 and will not work with Python 3.X.


Some of the NiceWatch functionalities are supported differently in NiceLabel Automation. When importing the existing NiceWatch configurations, NiceLabel Automation re-configures the features into the new syntaxes.

Reconfiguration of NiceWatch features

  • Filter definition and filter action are separate items inside the configuration. Now you can use one filter definition in many triggers. NiceWatch was limited to one filter per trigger.

  • File trigger option "Save incoming data to file" is reconfigured with the new action "Save data to file".

  • "Printer status report" action is reconfigured into new "Printer Status" action and "Save Data to File" or "Send Data to TCP/IP".

  • "SAP AII" trigger is reconfigured as "HTTP" trigger.

Requesting support for a particular feature

If you are migrating from NiceWatch to NiceLabel Automation and need a currently not supported feature, please contact us. You can influence the feature list that will be available in the next release of NiceLabel Automation software.

Make sure to verif, if the requested functionality has been added in NiceLabel Automation in the latest release.