Differences between Loftware Cloud and on-premise LMS Enterprise


This article describes technical differences in functionalities between Loftware Cloud and on-premise LMS Enterprise.


Visibility of Automation configuration not available in the Loftware Cloud

NiceLabel Automation runs on-premise and does not report statuses to the Loftware Cloud. The cloud Control Center doesn't display the list of Automation configurations and the triggers.

Application users not available in the Loftware Cloud

Loftware Cloud supports two log-in authentication systems - Microsoft or Google identity management services. Loftware Cloud authenticates DMS users and Web Printing users. Loftware Cloud doesn't remember or store any user credentials and relies entirely on Microsoft/Google as external authentication providers.

"Application users" are still available in the on-premise Control Center.

Electronic signature in the Loftware Cloud

An electronic signature is an additional security measure that prevents unauthorized users from making changes to workflow steps. After you enable the Electronic signature, users authorized to promote the documents to the next workflow step must authenticate again using Control Center credentials.

The electronic signature is available when you use Microsoft sign-in, but is not available when you use Google sign-in.

Document storage not accessible from File Explorer

While on-premise LMS exposes access to the Document storage via WebDAV from the File Explorer, the same functionality is not available in the Loftware Cloud.

You can use NiceLabel Desktop Designer to access the files directly in the Document storage in the Loftware Cloud.

Cloud Print API (IoT printing) available only in Loftware Cloud

Cloud printing enables users to print from any device in the network to cloud-connected printers regardless of printer hardware and location. Cloud printing also eliminates the need for printer drivers. The cloud print service creates print jobs for the target printers and delivers them to the printers via the cloud.

Cloud Trigger API available just in Loftware Cloud

Cloud trigger enables cloud-to-cloud communication. Cloud trigger transports your label data from cloud-based sources (for example, cloud-based ERP system) to the on-premise NiceLabel Automation for printing. The trigger uses a secure Microsoft Azure Service Bus for connection to NiceLabel Automation, so you don't have to open any firewall ports.