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Control Center integrates Microsoft's RemoteApp technology to perform as an application server.

With RemoteApp, you can make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on your local computer. Instead of presenting on the desktop of the Remote Desktop Session Host server, the RemoteApp program is integrated with the client's desktop. The application runs on the server but displays its user interface on the client's desktop. You can print labels using the printer drivers installed on the RemoteApp server.


You run NiceLabel applications to design and print your labels, or run solutions without any Label Management System software installed on your computer. This can reduce the complexity and reduce administrative overhead.

Application Server Technical Prerequisites


The NiceLabel Application Server role depends on the Microsoft RemoteApp technology, which must be installed, configured, and licensed first, out of scope of the NiceLabel software. Then you can start integrating RemoteApp into Control Center . Before you can deploy RemoteApp programs to users, you must configure the server to host RemoteApp programs. You need Windows Server operating system and configured Active Directory environment. Control Center can be installed on the same machine as RemoteApp, or some other server.


When you select the RemoteApp commands in the Documents, such as Edit label template, or Run NiceLabel Print Application, Control Center creates the Remote Desktop Protocol .RDP file. This is a text file containing the configuration for the published RemoteApp. The local installation of Remote Desktop Connection seamlessly processes the .RDP file and opens the RemoteApp in a window. If your browser downloads the .RDP file, or you see the security prompts about an untrusted publisher, your integration of RemoteApp into Control Center is not complete.


For more information about the prerequisites and necessary steps to integrate RemoteApp into Control Center read the Control Center Installation Guide or Application server - Configuring RemoteApp KB article.

Enabling Application Server


The application server options allow you to enable the RemoteApp technology in your Control Center product. With RemoteApp you can make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on the user's local computer. In Documents you get new commands to open Designer or Print from the RemoteApp server without any need to have them installed on your computer.

  1. Go to Administration > Application Server.

  2. Toggle to Enable application server functionality in your Documents.

  3. Enter your Application server computer name. Specify your server hostname where your RemoteApp server is already installed. Enter the fully qualified domain name or your IP address.

  4. Enter your Signing certificate thumbprint. Specify the thumbprint of your certificate that is used to sign the .RDP files. Each time you want to run the remote Label Management System software on your desktop, Control Center generates the .RDP file containing commands for your RemoteApp server. The .RDP file specifies which application must run and which file from the Documents storage must open. When the .RDP file is signed with your certificate, the user won't get the warning notification about the unknown publisher.

  5. Click Save .


For more information about configuration options for the Application Server, go to Control Center Installation Guide.

Browser Extension


For the best experience using Documents, install the NiceLabel Control Center browser extension when prompted. The extension integrates Documents more tightly with NiceLabel applications. The extension runs your NiceLabel applications as a RemoteApp program seamlessly from the server without any prompts.


Example 13. Example

In your Control Center Documents, you double-click on a label template. Your file opens directly in the NiceLabel Designer without downloading. Saving your label template in Designer saves your file directly in Documents in Control Center.

Application Server Options


Your Documents displays new commands to Run NiceLabel Designer Application or Run NiceLabel Print Application from the RemoteApp server. The commands are available in the toolbar and when right-clicking the file. The options you see depend on your Access Role and Privileges. For example, the users from your production environment will not have permission to edit labels.

If you use a supported browser and have installed a browser extension then running these commands will seamlessly run the respective NiceLabel program from the RemoteApp server. If all prerequisites are not met, the browser will download the .RDP file, which you have to execute manually to invoke the RemoteApp program.



If you have the NiceLabel software installed locally, it will take precedence over running the RemoteApp client. To force using RemoteApp client, see Browser Extension.