Recall only drivers only perform recall operations. Store operations are not possible. You use third-party software (usually provided by your printer manufacturer) to design labels and download them to your printers. NiceLabel software sets label variable values and performs recall operations to print your labels. With the Recall option, your driver selects preloaded labels in your printer and updates your variable fields.

You can download NiceLabel Desktop Designer and Loftware drivers from our website.

Requirements for Recall only drivers:

  • Third-party label designer software for designing your label templates and downloading them to your printers.

  • Labels created with NiceLabel Desktop Designer must contain only variable text objects. NiceLabel provides your third-party label templates with variable values during recall operations.

Verify requirements with your customer before you implement printing with Recall only printer drivers.

Implementation procedure

The following steps describe how to design your label templates, integrate NiceLabel Desktop Designer into your printing process, and print your labels.

  1. Design your label templates with your third-party designer. Use variable objects (text and barcodes) for all your dynamic data (data that changes). Create unique variable names.

  2. Download your label templates to your printers using your third-party application. Use unique file names for your downloaded label templates.

  3. Design new label templates with NiceLabel Desktop Designer. Match your NiceLabel label template file names with their corresponding third-party label template names.

  4. In NiceLabel Desktop Designer, open Label Properties for your templates and select Use store/recall printing mode.

  5. Create variables. Use the same variable names corresponding with your third-party label template.

  6. Add text objects to your label template and connect them to your variables.


    NiceLabel label size, text size, orientation, and object positions are not important here because the label template is already stored in your printer. NiceLabel sets only label variable values and performs recall operations to print your labels.

    • Your label should contain only variable Text objects.

    • You can only add 1 text object for each variable, even If your label template uses the same variable for multiple objects (text and barcode objects).

    • Use printer fonts. The Recall only method doesn't support TrueType fonts.

  7. Go to File > Print to select your label templates and update your variables. Click Print to recall (print) your labels.


NiceLabel Desktop Designer prints your third-party labels using your Recall only driver.

You can also use NiceLabel Designer PowerForms, Automation, or .NET API in Recall only printing processes.


Each Loftware driver has specific settings you need to consider during installation and later when you design and print your labels. For more information, read the Installation And Setup Guidelines in your Loftware driver Help.