Configuring Applications for Specific Users and Groups

You can configure your Application settings per single user or group. These settings are valid only for the specific user/group that you define and have no impact on the general configuration of your Application.

With User Settings, you can limit the maximum number of allowed printers to print to and define variable values. Limiting printers helps you to control your printer licenses.

You can also assign initial variable values to your groups or users. for example, users in different countries print with the same printing solution but use different (country specific) variable values.

To enable and configure specific user settings:

  1. Go to Applications. Click your Application.

  2. In the Authorized Users and Groups section, click on your user or a group. The User Settings window opens.

  3. User settings allows you to enable specific per-user or per-group configuration settings.

  4. Enable printer limitation allows you to limit the number of printers your user or group can use.

  5. Number of printers is the maximum number of allowed printers per single user or group. If the user or group exceeds this number, they can't print to additional printers.


    Each printer used in your shared Application takes one printer license. This setting makes sure you don't accidentally run out of available printer licenses that come with your NiceLabel license.

  6. Variable values predefine values for certain variables that belong to your shared label or Solution.

These settings override the general settings that you configure for your applications.