Using File Databases in Applications

Label templates and Solutions in your shared Applications are often connected to a database. Your connected database works as a dynamic data source for objects on your label templates.

You can choose where to store your database. To ensure your file database (Microsoft Access or Excel) is accessible from your shared Application, choose one of the following options to store your database:

  • Store your database in Control Center > Documents. We recommend storing your label files in the same folder as your database.

    NiceLabel automatically simplifies your database URL in the database connection window:

  • LMS

    Store your database locally on the server that also runs your Web Printing site. Define your database connection in Designer as a file path on the server where your database is stored.

  • Store your database locally on the computer that runs your Application NiceLabel Web client (Web Printing) can use your local database.


    For local connections, start your local database names with the "LOCAL_" prefix.



You can also store your file database in NiceLabel Cloud, but you can use your database in read-only mode. You can update your file database locally and then re-upload it to NiceLabel Cloud.

If you use actions to update your file database in your web applications, use your local or network-shared copy of the Access database.

When you store your database, connect your label templates or Solutions to your database. Go to NiceLabel Designer > Dynamic Data Manager > Database Connections to browse and connect to your database.