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NiceLabel Cloud is NiceLabel’s cloud-based Label Management System.

Cloud management enables you to reap every benefit of digitally transforming your labeling (including lower costs, improved quality assurance, and faster time-to-market) without significant upfront hardware investments. You get secure, scalable, standardized labeling for your suppliers and your entire organization with an ROI of less than 6 months.

NiceLabel Cloud creates these business benefits by providing you with:

  • Reliable IT infrastructure

  • Advanced security measures

  • Thorough maintenance plans

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery processes

Stakeholders in your company, including IT managers, quality assurance managers, security officers, and others all see benefits from the infrastructure, security, and reliability of NiceLabel Cloud.

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Our proven track record

Labels are the glue of our global economy, and NiceLabel knows labeling.

We’ve been developing labeling software, label management systems, and custom labeling solutions for our partners and customers since 1993. We deliver ongoing support for our clients and make continuous improvements to our products.

NiceLabel has a decade of experience developing cloud infrastructure for labeling. Microsoft introduced the Azure cloud platform as a service in February 2010. We released our first cloud-based print service in July 2011, and haven’t stopped innovating since.

We built our completely new labeling platform with cloud-first infrastructure as a priority. Cloud-first principles allow NiceLabel to leverage all the latest thoroughly-tested platforms and tools while maintaining constant security from day one of development.

Our NiceLabel Cloud customers securely print millions of labels each month. NiceLabel software is trusted and used by most Fortune 500 companies worldwide. We help a growing number of cloud customers from diverse industries and backgrounds improve their label design, printing, and management, while reducing their costs.

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