When printing labels with All (unlimited quantity) option selected, the labels are printed in various quantities, depending on the label content.

All (unlimited quantity) option sets the printing quantity in two ways.

Label with Connected Database or Counter

With All (unlimited quantity) option selected, the number of printed labels is not limited up front. It is determined by one of the following properties:

  • Number of database records to be printed.

  • Quantity set by the counters used on the label.


All (unlimited quantity) option is useful when printing labels connected to a database. The number of labels to be printed for such labels is usually not known in advance. After selecting this option, all relevant records from the connected database are printed.


With multiple databases or counters for print quantity, the one with the lowest value actually determines the number of printed labels.

Example 142. Example

Counter value: 90

Number of database values: 100

Number of printed labels under All (unlimited quantity): 90

Label without connected Database or Counter

If a label does not use database or counter objects, a maximum supported number of identical label copies is printed. In such case, the printing continues until:

  • The printer is switched off.

  • The printer receives a command to clear its memory buffer.


When printing identical label copies, use a Loftware printer driver to print the labels. The driver is aware of the printer's quantity limitations and prints the exact supported number of labels.


If you select All (unlimited quantity), and the maximum supported print quantity is 32000, the printer will print all of them.